[brlug-general] Wanted - old cheap wifi access points

Tim Fournet tfournet at tfour.net
Thu Oct 11 16:00:10 CDT 2007

Here's a little tidbit of info that may help you:
There are really only 3 non-overlapping WiFi channels: 1,6, and 11.
Each channel uses 6 frequency bands in the WiFi range, so when there is 
overlap, performance is degraded as those bands are unused.

Edmund Cramp wrote:
> I'm looking for some old, cheap, stand-alone, access points, repeaters etc - anything that powers up and emits an 802.11 signal will do.  Does anyone have a junker or two that they either don't want (free) or are willing to part with very cheaply?  I need at least 11, one for each channel.
> I need to do some 802.11 reliability tests so I want to be able to create a really lousy WiFi environment.  If anyone has any suggestions for this or experiences then I'd love to hear from them.
> Contact me off list if you can help - eac at emgsrus.com
> Edmund Cramp
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